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Akumi ConspiracyConspiracy CaptureS CkCapture 2Plot Thickens2 Youtube Miltonius ArtsMature StuffAnimations. ▷ Akumi: Conspiracy & Capture - Part 2 -  by Alan Smithee. [MEDIA=76]. AN INTERVIEW WITH ALAN SMITHEE. Alan Smithee, the creator and director of the Akumi series, said on his own message . [http://coldhardflash.com/flash-animation-10-best-animated-akumi-conspiracy- capture ''Akumi'' episode 3 on Cold Hard Flash, along with . Sep 1, 2013 . The warlock, Rhoncha, hires a pair of zombie assassins to bring him artifacts which he'll need to execute his diabolical plan. Meanwhile, the . Feb 1, 2014 . The Zombie Sisters go on their quest to find the Halcyon Orb for the warlock, Rhoncha. They come across an unexpected opposition along the .


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